Kitty Annie

Scientifically reshape the beauty of skin

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Brand profile

Founded in 2019, Annie chengshe is a brand new beauty and body care brand of Stars Pulse. It is co founded by a number of young and cutting-edge scientists in different fields. It integrates dermatology, efficacy active substance, formula system, electronic software and hardware, and adheres to the scientific skin care concept of deep collaboration between skin care products and beauty instruments. It adopts scientific research and development methods and rigorous efficacy test system To provide users with scientific skin care solutions with verifiable excellent efficacy.

Brand values

Science, magic, beauty, equality

Brand Vision

To create a brand of new beauty care for Z generation female students through the synergy of instruments and efficacy products


Reshape the beauty of skin with science

The magic of science is to choose what to add, what to give up, to find the most accurate solution.

Brand description

We see that many young women are misled and use wrong skin care products and methods. They are in a bad state in their life when their skin should be in the best state.

We hope that every young woman will be treated and accompanied with honesty and goodwill. Although they are born different, they are all equally beautiful.

We believe that the eternal cornerstone of beauty is to let the skin recover and maintain a healthy state.

We believe that real science is the solution and the magic to keep young women confident and happy.

To provide efficient and safe solutions for skin care, this common vision enables us to go from the laboratory to the users, experience and think, and return to the laboratory with passion, research and innovation.

We are interesting scientists, we are product experts, we are the confidants of users, we only do useful and interesting excellent products.

The addition of Kitty Anne's skin care

Solution addition

Based on the user's scene and habits, the most reasonable and concise combination of instrument functions is designed with considerate products.

Addition of beauty instrument

Raspberry fruit essence plus functional active ingredients synergy, giving skin the best super food.

The addition of pure efficacy skin care products

Beauty instrument + pure skin care products, let the user get from inside to outside, deep, and have the effect of improving the skin temperature

Kitty Annie's skin care subtraction

Subtraction of Solutions

Make skin care easier with scientific and innovative solutions.

Subtraction of beauty instrument

Let the beauty instrument become the extension of the hand, and get more time-saving and efficient skin care effect.

The reduction of pure efficacy skin care products

Establish and follow the strict pure skin care standards, the principle of minimalist formula, avoid the use of 10 categories, 1164 kinds of potentially harmful ingredients, do not add synthetic spices and pigments, do not add animal derived ingredients.


Provide scientific skin care solutions for 100 million users

With the most professional interdisciplinary team of scientists, with a sense of mission and happiness, we will make good products with our heart, deliver correct and advanced skin care concepts, create unique value and experience for consumers, so that they can enjoy the beauty changing process with ease, and gain self-confidence and happiness. Let's be the same, but different.

Brand story / origin

Kitty Annie, founder of Kitty Annie Dr.Pan After eight years as the chief scientist of the global top 500 skin care companies, with more than ten years of industry accumulation and love, we invited like-minded senior formulators, clinical dermatologists and hardware experts of beauty instruments to join us, established Kitty Annie Kitty Annie scientific research team, and devoted ourselves to Kitty Annie's skin care world, just for the next year Light you, have their own to find the answer.

Kitty Annie is the first domestic brand to refer to the most stringent international top pure skin care standards and EWG's latest and most comprehensive raw material safety research, and put forward 39 [prohibited standards], which is far higher than the industry standard and even higher than Sephora's pure skin care requirements.

Kitty Annie promises never to add 1164 ingredients that may cause potential harm to human body or environment to skin care products.

We are confident enough to send all our products to IIVs (in vitro research institute), a non-profit organization in the United States, for testing. We refuse any ingredients of animal origin, promise to avoid any unnecessary animal testing, actively promote the development of "zero cruelty" non animal testing in China, and protect the beautiful planet with practical actions.

"Born different, we are just as beautiful" is Kitty Annie's value and commitment.

Kitty Annie calls for equal rights of beauty and respect for every girl's right to become beautiful. Therefore, with a sense of mission and happiness, she conveys the correct concept of skin care and enjoys the process of becoming beautiful with ease and pleasure.


Brand events

November 2019
March 2020
June 2020
September 2020
December 2020
January 2021
November 2019

Wei Mi super model Wang Yi, the first brand ambassador of Kitty Annie, participated in the co creation and endorsement of the first heavy weight product of Kitty Annie, the small green box super hair remover, quota. Kitty Annie kitten's first personal care instrument product, high energy small green box hair remover, is listed, becoming the most powerful and most advanced flagship product in the domestic market. At present, it has become top brand of tmall hair remover category.

March 2020

Kitty Annie tmall's flagship store was launched online, and the small green box of medical beauty high-energy hair removal instrument was launched online, which overturned the appearance of traditional hair removal instrument and realized medical beauty hair removal effect at home with its own energy storage box.

June 2020

Kitty Annie has donated to IIVs (the Institute for in vitro Sciences), the world's top in vitro testing organization, and reached a cooperation framework, becoming the first Chinese brand to cooperate with IIVs, which means that Kitty Annie has become a technological pioneer in the field of in vitro safety testing in China and a moral brand to promote the cause of zero cruelty in China Annie has been widely reported by the media at home and abroad.

September 2020

In depth safety and efficacy testing cooperation was carried out with the top in vitro testing institution in China, State Key Laboratory of cosmetic animal alternative testing technology of Zhejiang Institute for food and drug control, and Guangdong Boxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd

In November 2020, Kitty Annie's 1000 yuan set-top hair remover xiaoniujiao will be on the market. Once on the market, it will leap into the top 5 products of tmall hair remover industry.

December 2020

Kitty Annie, a biochemist of Kitty Annie, was interviewed by the special author of nature. As a typical case of returnees' Entrepreneurship in Dawan District of China, she published a report on the official website of nature.

January 2021

Kitty Annie's series of beauty instruments and pure skin care products are on the market, becoming the first domestic brand with high-efficiency cooperation between beauty instruments and a full range of pure skin care products, redefining the skin care logic of young women and bringing them professional and efficient skin care experience.

Research and development team

The Research and development team of Kitty Annie is composed of scientists, dermatologists and hardware engineers from L'Oreal, Mindray medical, P & G, Philips and other international companies.

Zhi Pan,PhD
Fan Hu,PhD
Boyang Jiang,MD
Jilong Bai

Zhi Pan,PhD

The chief scientist

Former chief scientist of L'Oreal North America R & D Center

Former head of L'Oreal global antioxidant platform

Post doctor, School of medicine, Cornell University, USA

Doctor of State University of New York

*The world's leading experts in the field of skin cell regeneration / antioxidation / skin care, with more than 20 international patents

Fan Hu,PhD

The formula system scientist

Former senior scientist of L'Oreal American R & D center, former senior researcher of L'Oreal Japan R & D center, doctor of Georgia Institute of technology, USA

Boyang Jiang,MD

Kitten Anne formula system scientist

American doctor of clinical medicine, member of American Association of Dermatology (AAD), member of American Society of laser medicine and laser surgery (ASLMS), and former technical director of Shenzhen xinghuilige medical cosmetology.

Jilong Bai

The expert in Instrument Engineering

Philips China R & D center, former senior electronic hardware expert